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Electrol Oil

In India and several countries of the world, ELECTROL® is today synonymous with the most trusted name in transformer oils. Widely used in transformers, oil immersed circuit breakers and switchgears.

Electrol Transformer Oil
ELECTROL® Transformer oils are mineral electrical insulating oils processed from super refined, carefully selected premium basestocks.

ELECTROL Transformer Uninhibited
ELECTROL® Series of Uninhibited Transformer oils are severely refined hydro-cracked /hydro-treated virgin Mineral insulating oils with highest degree of purity and stability. ELECTROL® oils are manufactured from judiciously selected blend of latest technology feed stocks.

Transformer Oil Handling Manual
Quality and life of Transformer oils depends a great deal on the adherence to prescribed norms while in storage and during handling. Field staff storing and handling the product need to be trained and fully aware of the sensitivity of the product and the precautions to be taken.

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